The Uni-lift has secured a well-earned industry reputation for being a versatile and rugged workhorse. Its design and strength have given it worldwide appeal. These units can be found across the United States and from New Zealand to South Africa.

Designed and marketed over 30 years ago, the Uni-lift was used primarily by the repo professional. Industry changes soon demanded the use of a wheel lift which was answered with the Magnum wheel lift. But, because of the Uni-lifts diverse uses it still has a huge appeal. They are used in salvage yards, used car lots, transmission and auto repair garages, and ranches and farms across America. It was brought to our attention that this unit is perfect for the off-road race teams which requires strength and versatility for their recovery needs.

This unit is an affordable and simplified recovery system for all classes and types of off-road, open wheeled cars and trucks, one operator recovery. It eliminates costly towing and unnecessary trailer recovery. It can also be used as a quick and powerful mechanic hoist in the pits or out in the field while still retaining the use of the cargo bed and tailgate. The Uni-lift can be installed on 3/4 ton, or larger, trucks. This lift system offers T-bar, repo sling, hay spear, boom pole, and goose neck trailer attachments and comes standard with a trailer hitch.





  • Affordable
  • Multiple Attachments for Versatility
  • One piece bolt on unit allows for easy conversion
  • Hydraulic unit makes it fast & easy to use
  • Unit attached under the truck preserves cargo space
  • Removable attachments maintain integrity of appearance
  • Used by Auto Dealers, Transmission and Repair Shops, Salvage and Auto Recovery
  • Standard Package Includes - Lift, Trailer Hitch, Chrome Bumper and Controls
  • Attachments changed in seconds, no tools required
  • Optional Attachments Available

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Turn your pickup into a tow truck with the Magnum Hydraulic Lift or Unilift / Slickster!

Used by Auto Dealers, Transmission and Repair Shops, Salvage and Auto Recovery / Repo

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